Projekt Team

Walter Pohl

Institut für Geschichte (IfG) — Universität Wien

Ingrid Hartl

Peter Fraundorfer student. Mitarbeiter
Peter Fraundorfer
nopic student. Mitarbeiterin
Lena Kornprobst


Francesca Conselvan
Identity, material objects and cultural transfer

Stefdan Donecker Stefan Donecker
Chroniclers, Crusaders, and the Last Pagans of Europe
Philipp Dörler
Die Bibelverwendung in frühmittelalterlicher Historiographie (1.11.2012-16.10.2015)

Roland Steinacher
Regional and ethnic identities
in Roman and post-imperial Europe

Matthias Tischler Matthias Tischler
Bible Manuscripts as Modes of Perception and Transformation of the World of the Others (1.5.2015-31.12.2015)

Institut für Mittelalterforschung (IMAFO) — öAW


Hagar Barak  Hagar Barak
Hunting and elite cohesion: Carolingians and Capetians in comparison
Andreas Fischer Andreas Fischer
Die Fredegar-Chronik. Komposition und Kontextualisierung

Cinzia Grifoni
Semantics and narratives of ethnicity

clemens gantner

Clemens Gantner
Imperial Carolingian identity in ninth-century Italy

David Kalhous David Kalhous
Problem of the Ethnic Identity in Bohemia during the rule of Premyslid
alex o'hara

Alexander O'Hara
Columbanus and the Politics of Exile: Social Networks, Elite Identities, and Christian Communities in Europe, c. 550 — c. 750 (01.01.2012-31.10.2012; 01.02.-30.04.2016)

Marianne Pollheimer
Christian communities and their media

Paolo Tedesco

Paolo Tedesco
State, Taxation and Power in Late Roman West A.D. 300-700

Katharina Winckler
Regional and ethnic identities in Roman and post-imperial Europe  
(1. 8. 2011 - 31. 12. 2011)