David Kalhous

Problem of the Ethnic Identity in Bohemia during the rule of Premyslid (until 1306)

Identity is a complex phenomenon based on continuous struggle between the self-perception, self-representation and characteristics ascribed by the "others". No one also identifies him- or herself only with one group and different identifications and categorisation might also be used as political tool within the contemporary discourse. Project will be focused on that tension between the self-perception and ascribed characteristics and will provide us with the comparison of that image of Bohemians in the contemporary sources written in Bohemia and in the Holy Roman Empire. Based on that comparison it will be also possible to demonstrate what elements were used by the individual authors to establish the social cohesion in the groups they belong to, and prove the importance of the dialog between Bohemian authors and imperial chroniclers for constructing common identity of the inhabitants of Bohemia.